Mcdonald's Gives Away Free Life-Long‘ McGold Cards’

Mcdonald’s Gives Away Free Life-Long‘ McGold Cards’

This grand offer was once only available to the elites of the society like Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Hollywood heavyweight Rob Lowe. Now it’s time for all to grab the mega chance. What can be grander than having a lifelong Mcdonald’s card?…may be a titanium wallet in your pocket.

Before this, the burger giant gave away an offer like this in 2018 as a part of sweepstakes, but it was only 1. Now 3 lucky winners would be able to enjoy the mega prize. What’s more interesting is that; each of them can also gift the card to 3 friends. So by the end of December, we will have 12 McGold card winners.

Is The McGold Card Real And How To Get A McDonald’s, Gold Card?

 Mcdonald’s describes this as the first-of-its-kind holiday grand celebration happening only on their official app. Through the app, Mcdonald’s will offer their subscribers daily offers and deals starting from December 5 to December 25, which is Christmas. The food deals will change over days, for example, A free 6-piece chicken McNuggets with a minimum purchase of 1 USD and a buy one get one offer for the double cheeseburger.

Is The McGold Card Real And How To Get A McDonald's, Gold Card

Both of these offers require users to spend 41 to unlock the products and the first of them will take place on Dec 7. It includes:

  • Chicken McNuggets 
  • McDonald’s Dream Order PJs
  • A McDonald’s AM Wrapper Hoodie with PM Wrapper Hoodie in Egg McMuffin or crispy Cheeseburger prints
  • A puzzle that has McDonald’s dipping sauces

The second merch drop is on Dec 14 and includes a Hamburger graphic tree, a hoodie, and a classic Mcdonald’s beanie. The prices of these items haven’t been revealed yet.

 Users will get a chance to win The 4 prestigious cards and the bounty that comes with them through the ‘SZN of DSharing’ purchase. According to the sources, ‘Life long’ really means two meals per week for a 50-year-old man or woman. And the thing is that it’s only available in the USA, exactly the McDonald’s outlets close to where you reside. It makes sense when you think wisely, imagine if someone won the offer in Boston and went to Alaska to grab the offer.

‘“Our consumers have been fascinated by the idea of the Mcdonald’s lifelong card and wondered whether it exists”, said McDonald’s USA Chief Marketing Officer Tariq Hassan. “ Now we will make this legend a reality for our fans and lovers by giving them a chance to win this mega prize and giving them a chance to share 3 cards with their friends, families, or loved ones”, he added.

And then… finally society and the economy collapse gradually, and all the ultra-rich guys will run to the mansion-Esque space auditoriums in the skies, what will you cling to is the McDonalds McGold Card.

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