New Holiday Peppermint Frosty Unveiled By Wendy's

New Holiday Peppermint Frosty Unveiled By Wendy’s!

Love Wendy’s? Who doesn’t, right? Here is the new flavor launched by the company- Peppermint Frosty. But we have bad news as well. For those of you who love the summer strawberry flavor, it will be replaced by the new Peppermint Frosty this holiday season. 

Although apart from this sad news, Wendy’s is all ready to launch its new additions this week. With the holiday season coming, we can expect a lot more than just snowfall! It is one of the first-holiday frost launched by Wendy’s that is going to hit the menus next week (take summer strawberries as much as possible for the while!).

New Holiday Peppermint Frosty Unveiled By Wendy’s!

The vice president of Wendy’s, John Li said how the staple peppermint frosty has been around for 50 years of the company’s legacy. It is one of the famous and latest innovations to the iconic Wendy’s frosty. Fans have loved it for over 5 decades and they cannot for to taste it again!

New Holiday Peppermint Frosty Unveiled By Wendy's

What makes the golden jubilee Peppermint Frosty that special? It’s the classic thick and creamy frosting! We know how Wendy’s lovers love the bursts of fresh peppermint and when combined with the perfect creamy frosting it becomes a heavenly treat.

The fresh peppermint bursts in the Peppermint Frosty will put you in a holiday mood. The sweet bite along with fresh hits of peppermint is all you need to enlighten the holiday spirit! 

So now the next question is when is this drink releasing? Wendy’s is all set to release this iconic golden peppermint frost on November 15. Mark your calendars to reach the venue! Wendy’s is rolling out the holiday treat in mid-November in the spirit of Christmas.

All the locations nationwide in the United States Of America will get the much beloved frosty sweet bite. You may also download the Wendy application and order your treat at home. Peppermint is a whole new level of fresh and sweet treats, for those of you who have never tried it, it’s your chance to upgrade your taste buds.

And why not? It’s creamy, frosty, and filled with fresh peppermints! The Peppermint Frosty has been here for 50 years and Wendy’s lovers know it’s a kick!

Although for those of you who like regular vanilla and strawberry, Wendy’s cannot serve you so! We know the famous summer strawberry flavor was a replacement for vanilla frosty and now it’s time to bid goodbye to strawberry as well. It was confirmed by a Wendy’s spokesperson that the company is discontinuing its strawberry and vanilla frosty. Although you can still enjoy the chocolate frosty.

Over the summer, Wendy’s had a good share of its success with Strawberry Frosty. It was iconic and people were living the creamy and sweet and sour strawberry flavor during summer. Now they want to see how the new flavor would turn out this season. Peppermint is all set to release on November 15 and Carl Loredo (Wendy’s chief marketing officer) cannot wait for the outcomes. 

He also told CNN business how the company is hoping for the Peppermint Frosty to outshine the summer treat. As it’s the holiday season and people welcome new things! 

The holiday season brings special excitement to many food chains. With the last 2 years going rough for the world, feeling normal again feels good! We can only hope that this year’s families feel special and celebrate Christmas like before. With all the popular food chains launching their special holiday menu, Wendy’s wanted to do the same. Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and now Wendy’s- we cannot wait to try it all! Cheers to the holy spirit of Christmas and the new treats it will bring in!

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