The Black Panther Wakanda Forever Happy Meal is now available at McDonald's.

The “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” Happy Meal Is Now Available At McDonald’s.”

Avengers has a completely separate fan base when it comes to the movie world. The cinematic experience, storyline, and kind of energy that the Marvels Cinematic Universe gives you cannot be compromised for anything. The last release, “Thor: Love and Thunder” gained much popularity around the world and now Marvel fans are awaiting the next movie.

If you are someone who loves MCU, you already know what we are talking about – “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”! Yes, we know you said that out loud while reading.

Now, let’s talk about another global favorite; McDonald’s. The brand is acclaimed everywhere and we all love to indulge in those yummy burgers every now and then.

The Black Panther Wakanda Forever Happy Meal is now available at McDonald's.

Both our food and movie favorites are coming together for the greatest collaboration ever. Guess what? McDonald’s is coming up with an amazing happy meal: the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever edition! The news was announced on McDonald’s official Twitter account. The post looked so appealing that we can’t stop to rush there!

So, even before the movie hits the theatres, the fans would get a flavor of the movie! How good does that sound? The Chicago fast food chain has released a superhero-inspired meal. This is in collaboration with the Marvels Studio. Every happy meal would include any one of the 10 toys that are designed for the film’s characters. So, you might get any one of the Black Panda toys, right from Okoye to Shuri, Ironheart, and Namor. If you aren’t rushing to the doors already, let us tell you that this amazing Happy Meal would only be available for a limited time.

McDonald’s brand engagement and content marketing vice president Jennifer Healan released a statement on Tuesday. She said that the movie Black Panther had such a powerful story and it left a lasting impression on Marvel lovers. In her statement, she also said that the movie set the bar of expectation really high for MCU fans. Now, the fast food chain is pretty elated to bring this entire experience to the restaurant. It would allow the fans to celebrate and enjoy their inner hero. The new Happy Meal is a demonstration of “you believe in what you see”.

This exciting meal would only be available at limited outlets and for a specific time. This would be until the supply lasts nationwide. So, if you are a true lover of Black Panther, this is your chance to get your hands on the collectibles!

Deets About the Movie

Black Panther’s first installation was in the news for quite some time. It marked the debut of the first black director in the MCU family – Ryan Coogler. Not only that but the entire lead cast was black and it was a big deal for the movie industry, especially if we talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There were several black women in exciting and powerful roles.

Now, the next installation Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is all set to release on November 12. This worldwide release will see Letitia Wright, Michael B., Angela Bassett, Dominique Thorne, and many others in the lead role. The movie, along with prominent roles can also see Rihanna with her new song “Lift Me Up”.

There are many exciting updates coming up with this new MCU release. If you haven’t booked the tickets already, it is time to go online! Also, don’t forget to buy the limited-edition Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Happy Meal. Collect one of the 10 Black Panther toys today!

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