McDonald’s Is Back With Its Halloween Buckets! Get Yours Here!

The long wait is over. American fast food chain McDonald’s iconic Halloween Pails, also known to many as “Boo Buckets” is making a strong comeback. After its famous launch in 1986, the Halloween buckets disappeared in 2016.

Going by the reels shared on McDonald’s official Instagram page, the ‘Halloween Happy Meal’ will be available for sale at participating restaurants from October 18th, Tuesday onwards. The Halloween pails will be available through October 31st or till the time the stocks last.

The Boo Buckets will come in three colors, i.e. white, orange and green. With this relaunch, McDonald’s is bringing back the three adorable characters, the white McBoo, the orange McPunk’n, and the green McGoblin.

McDonald’s Halloween Buckets: When Do They Come Out?

If you are planning to get a Halloween bucket for yourself, your children, or your grandchildren, it’s pretty simple. Just buy a Happy Meal and select one among a hamburger, cheese burger, or chicken nugget. You will get your meal delivered in a pail, unlike the earlier Happy Meal toy which you used to get.

McDonald’s has also shared a photo illustrating 5 creative ways by which you can revamp your Halloween Pail. The 5 amazing ideas are Spooky fits, Music mashups, Pail planters, Decor to die for, and Bucket Beats. It tells how you can utilize the buckets by converting them into planters, and drums and even by making them used as home decor.

Halloween Buckets

McDonald’s has released a statement that they have heard the voice of customers loud and clear. It also states that if the spooky season doesn’t offer McDonald’s Halloween Pails, then the customers don’t want them. The fast food major went on to add that the Halloween buckets may have disappeared for a while.

However, that doesn’t stop customers from finding innovative ideas to keep their spooky spirit alive –  from potting plants in the buckets to wearing them as (outfit of the day) accessories. The statement from McDonald’s comes days after they announced the launch of the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box.

History Of Halloween Boo Buckets

It was way back in 1986 that McDonald’s first launched the Halloween Boo Buckets. They started offering their Happy Meals, kids’ meals in Halloween-themed buckets that were quite cute in appearance.

McDonald's Halloween Buckets

Prior to that, Happy Meals used to come in cardboard boxes that resembled small houses. So launching the happy meals in buckets was a fresh, never-before-heard-of concept.

The Original Design Of The Buckets

When launched for the first time, all three buckets were orange in color. However, they had the same names as now, McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin. These buckets looked exactly like jack-o-lanterns, it’s just that they had different faces. McPunk’n came with a happy face, McBoo appeared a bit startled and McGoblin looked sleepy, though he was supposed to appear scary.

Revamp Of The Halloween Buckets

In the 90’s McDonald’s relaunched the Halloween buckets in three different appearances. It was the pumpkin pale, the green-colored witch, and the white ghost. All three characters appeared happy as well. One of the famous McDonald’s ads those days says that the bucket glows even in the dark.

In the later years, in one of its major redesigns, the fast food chain even switched to vinyl glow-in-the-dark trick-or-treat bags and they were named McBoo Bags. In 1992, the buckets again went through a redesign by adding cookie cutters that popped off the top.

Again, after appearing in several forms, the famous Halloween buckets finally vanished from the scene in 2016. During their last appearance 6 years back, the buckets were launched with an It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, design.

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