Pizza Hut's New Melts

Introducing Pizza Hut’s New Menu Item, Melts!

Pizza Hut is waiting to conquer the crowd with its most delicious new product, Pizza Hut Melts™. Pizza Hut came into existence when the Carney brothers decided to borrow some money from their mother and change the way people around the globe were experiencing pizzas.

How Do Pizza Hut’s New Melts Taste?

Ever since then, the company has grown to not just make pizzas for people but to make the best out of their days for them. 

Every time they amaze us with their great dishes. It is no different this time. Pizza Hut Melts™ are available for only $6.99 and make a tasty quick delicious snack, lunch, or on-the-go dinner.

Pizza Hut's New Melts Taste

They are cheesy, crunchy, stuffed with toppings, and offered along with a well-suited dip. Unlike many other pizza dishes, Melts were created for a pizza party of just ONE. This makes it a great dish if you do not want to cram your tummy with an entire pizza. 

Since 1958, Pizza Hut has been producing exquisite pizzas. The thin crust with a load of cheese and other toppings, folded and baked to perfection forms their signature pizza. The Melts include two slices of pizza and a dip. 

The New Slice Version

One order of Melts includes two pieces of Pizza Hut’s signature crust, the Thin N’ Crispy crust, that have been stuffed with a tonne of toppings and cheese, twisted over, and cooked till it reaches melty goodness. This is accompanied by a dipping sauce that would be just perfect with it.  

Pizza Hut Melts™ come in four different varieties and are great for an individual lunch or dinner. These are:

Meat Lover’s Melts With Marinara Sauce (calorie count: 1100 calories)
Buffalo Chicken Melts With Buffalo Sauce And Ranch Sauce (calorie count: 1190 calories)
Pepperoni Lover’s Melts With Marinara Sauce (calorie count: 1150 calories)
Chicken Bacon Parmesan Melts With Ranch Sauce (calorie count: 1170 calories)

Pizza Hut has finally decided to embrace the go solo idea and bring their customers the meal of their desire. This is an individual customer focussed meal.

Also, Pizza Hut is giving away $100 to a select few lucky customers online provided they sign an MDA (Melts Disclosure Agreement). The agreement is a pledge undertaken not to post pictures of the new Pizza Hut Melts on their social media profiles. 

Pizza Hut Sells ‘Melts’ For A Limited Period

Pizza Hut is committed to making a pizza meal made especially for each person to enjoy. Yes, because Melts are not meant to be shared, Pizza Hut is actually giving customers money NOT to upload images of its new Melts on social media platforms.

Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, Lindsay Morgan, explained what makes Pizza Hut Melts™ unique. She said that at times you crave the exquisite flavor of pizza all to yourself without placing an order for one pizza and sharing it with others. It is for this that Melts have been introduced to the menu. 

She added while Pizzas are for WE, they are for ME. She claimed that Melts offered a new method for individuals to enjoy their preferred pizza or sandwich’s rich flavors wherever and whenever they pleased to have it.

These delicious melts are available in Pizza Hut stores across the United States only for a limited period of time. Pizza Hut has taken the initiative to use its social media handles to promote the idea of not sharing melts. 

Ignoring the MDA, pizza lovers have been publicly tweeting their thoughts about the new dish. While there are a variety of opinions, many internet users appear to appreciate this treat and are amusing themselves by having it.

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