Team Enchirito

Team Enchirito Won The Spot To Be The Next Item On Taco Bell Menu!

Finally, after a tough battle between ‘Team Enchirito’ and ‘Team Double Decker,’ the winner has been successfully selected. 

As per the reports from Taco Bell, ‘Team Enchirito’ is the final winner and will be the next food item to get added to the menu. 

The fast food company Taco Bell has also announced the date from which ‘Enchirito’ as a food item will be available at all of their outlets. The official website of Taco Bell states that the food item will be available only for a limited time on their menu, starting from the 17th of November this year.

What Is The Competition Between ‘Team DD’ And ‘Team Enchirito’?

Taco Bell itself started the competition on its official site as a way to determine the food items which are going to be brought back.

Most food items are old and had been a famous reference for their time, but were later removed from the main menu for several reasons.

As a result, Taco Bell is trying to bring back the old recipes to life for a limited time at their outlets across the country.

Enchirito Dish

This trend of holding votes on the Taco Bell site started with the decision to introduce the famous ‘Mexican Pizza back in the middle of September. 

‘Mexican Pizza’ dish was also a Taco Bell fan favorite and stayed on the menu for a long time, but later got scrapped from the menu for adding several new recipes.

Enchirito Dish From Taco Bell,

The Enchirito is a Mexican Dish that used to be a fan favorite dish back in the 1970s when Taco Bell was in its initial stages of growth.

The popular food item ‘Enchirito’ stayed on the menu for a long time, but after 2013, it got scrapped from the menu to create space for new food items. As a result, many of the fans of Enchirito petitioned and wanted the company to add the food item back for a very long time.

As a direct result of increasing customer demand and strong support for the once-popular food item ‘Enchirito,’ Taco Bell has decided to bring it back on its menu at all its outlets across the country for a few days.

What Is ‘Enchirito’ Made Of?

Enchirito is a Mexican dish of a soft flour tortilla and thoroughly seasoned beef. It also has beans, and onion in diced form, and finally rolled up with the famous Taco Bell ‘Red Sauce.’

The Enchirito is also available with an addon to add extra melted cheddar cheese on top of the seasoned beef.

The food item was highly famous for its time when it was on the Taco Bell Menu.

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How To Vote For Special Food Items From Taco Bell?

The voting system for famous food products on the Taco Bell menu will stay for a long time, as it has already been announced. 

As a result, one must have a clear idea about the voting process. Most of the steps to vote for a food item include,

  1. Download the official ‘Taco Bell app from the ‘App Store in case of iPhone users or ‘The Google Play Store for Android users.
  2. Go to the ‘Voting Page’ in the ‘Taco Bell’ app.
  3. Click on the ‘vote’ options, and present below the preferred food item.
  4. You have successfully cast your vote for the food item.

These steps must be followed to vote for popular food items at Taco Bell.

When Will The ‘Enchirito’ Be Back On The Menu At Taco Bell?

After holding a successful voting session on Taco Bell’s website regarding ‘Team Double Decker’ and ‘Team Enchirito,’ the result was announced in September.

Taco Bell will be adding the once famous ‘Enchirito’ to their menu starting from the 17th of November this year. But, the food item will only be available for a minimal time and will be scrapped again later on.

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