Raspberry Amaretti Cookies Recipe

Raspberry Amaretti Cookies

These delicious cookies prove that Raspberry and almonds make the perfect pairing. The frozen, dried raspberries give a rich flavor without adding any additional moisture. These cookies look like smoke meteors from Mars but taste amazing. Raspberry Amaretti cookies can be made crispier as well as chewy. This cookie can be eaten on snacks(with a cup of coffee), on birthdays, at a kitty party, for dessert, etc.

Raspberry Amaretti Cookies – Bye-bye To Hard Cookies!

The cookies are of a perfect pairing, which is very delicious; they are small in size. It has a vibrant punch flavor from a frozen, dried berry and offers intense flavor without adding extra moisture. Some of the unique Raspberries are Soft Amaretti Cookies.

Raspberry Amaretti Cookies

People generally like these as it has an original taste with a bright and fruity variation. It has a mass-type look, but the taste is significantly better. The color of the Raspberry is soft, and during baking, you can also add the food coloring you want for perfect paint.

It has a thick layer of powdered sugar which bolts into red and cracks through it. You can also emphasize or freeze it so that it could be more crunchy. And could add good quality and taste of Raspberry. 

Raspberry Amaretti Cookies

Raspberry Amaretti Cookies

Recipe by Anna JeanCourse: DessertCuisine: ItalianDifficulty: Easy
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  • Five large egg whites- It adds many delicious days to a raspberry.

  • 3^1/2 cups almond meal- almonds are added and shifted around the floor because it is an additional thing that could create beauty to the Raspberry, with a good taste.

  • 2 cups sugar- powder sugar is added to the Raspberry

  • Twenty grams of freeze-dried Raspberry powder is correct so that it could be crispy and sounds good in taste. 

  • Fifteen fresh raspberries- this is the main thing that should be added for making Raspberry cookies.

  • 3/4 cup fondant sugar- it helps us create a proper taste and gives an excellent flavor to the raspberry cookie.

  • Butter(unsalted): It is unsalted because we need to add a sweet taste to the Raspberry cookies.


  • Firstly, we’ve to heat the oven to 375°F. Then put the baking sheet with baking papers Grease the reports, and allow them to adhere to the baking sheets and not fly off.
  • In a clean bowl, create cookie paste by mixing with egg whites to ensure they’re hard. Now add sugar and fold it considerately using a metal spoon. After that, we’ve to add blitzed-up raspberry powder and almond pull-out along with almond meal and mix them entirely until you get an even paste.
  • Prepare a mixture of fondant sugar with raspberries. Take about 40gm of the mix if you want it explicit and shape it into a flat round disk. Now wrap the disk around Raspberry to get ball shape, Don’t worry about the paste’s cracking. Repeat with the rest of the paste.
  • Drop the balls into fondant sugar until they get completely coated. After that, place the balls on the Baking sheets, having a distance of about 2 cm between them, as they spread a little.
  • Now, bake these cookies for about 20 minutes until their color changes to light golden (if you want crispy, bake for an extra 5 minutes). Let them cool for about 15 minutes after removing them from the oven.
  • Now our delicious raspberry amaretti cookies are ready to be served.


 The cookies can be made crispier as well as chewy. The textures are made with the same ingredients, depending on how we add egg whites and the baking time for consistency. Here is the card for the Raspberry Amaretti recipe.

  • How to make chewy Amaretti cookies?

    Before adding egg whites to Almond flour, whipping them will give you their chewy texture.

  • How to make crispy Amaretti cookies?

     Baking cookies for extra time will increase the crispiness of the cookies. If you want biscotti, bake them enough.

  • How to make low carbs amaretti cookies?

 Reduction of sugars: In place of sugar listed in ingredients, Truvia or crumble sweetener. It makes the cookies taste slightly different but is suitable for sugar patients.

  •   How to store these amaretti cookies?

Cookies can be kept at room temperature in a non-moisture bag or container for 3-to-5 days. If cookies are less crispier, they’ll retain longer freshness.

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