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It’s Finally Here: Pizza Hut Selling Slices

You have been dying to get that favorite slice of pizza, weren’t you? Well, we just don’t have good news for you- we have great news this time! 

You have always wanted to eat that pizza slice- with veggies and meat laid down like beautiful beads on an embroidered garment while the cheese just oozes out. Ah, such a mouthwatering delight to the senses. 

But you also do not want to cram down that last slice and end up hating yourself for having had the craving at all, right? 

What Is Special About The Slice Pizzas?

Pizza Hut comes with a solution to your problem. You heard that right, they are finally selling slice pizzas but not like anything you could have ever imagined they would. Let’s look at what is new in that hot pie Hut afterward.

Slice Pizzas

Do You Want A Party Of Just One? Well, You Can Have It!

Gone are the times when you could say that pizzas are meant for sharing. Just look at it. Why would anybody want to share pizzas? They are so yummy that you can have them all alone, or wait, can you? 

You want a movie night for yourself and you decided to get a pizza for your snack (people are bored of having popcorn all the time anyways, so it’s okay). So you buy the pizza, sit down, and enjoy your movie.

But, oh no! You cannot finish the entire pizza in one go. What do you do? I bet you are thinking of the refrigerator. But, do you really want that? It’s going to be a tiresome job having to heat up the rest of the pizza the next day. 

After all, who knows if you would still be craving it the next day too! 

Well, Pizza Hut has just managed to find answers to your problems. They have given a new tinge to their menu by adding the ever-wanted Pizza Melts. 

What Is Brewing In There?

For what it is worth, we have come to announce the biggest deal of the era- Pizza Hut has finally decided to sell slice pizzas. The new item in the card is called Pizza Hut Melts and we are telling you, it is probably going to make it to their bestseller. 

The dish combines two pizza slices melted down to reach the perfection of a heartwarming cheesy delight. Let us call it a calzone-like dish. But you are not going to get over it. Your favorite toppings and all that cheese burst is going to make your order more and more.

It is going to make you wonder why you hated cramming down that large pizza when it can be the best piece of love that could go into your mouth. 

The four different ways that this dish is going to come dressed are listed below:

  • Pepperoni Melt
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Meat Lover’s
  • Chicken Bacon Parmesan

In addition to all the happiness that this can offer, Pizza Hut also serves you with a marinara or ranch dipping sauce. The best part of all this is that it comes with only $6.99 per slice and if that is not the coolest deal, then we don’t know what is!! It would just be the perfect meal- not too little, not too much, just perfect- just like Pizza Hut. 

So, what are you waiting for? Just rush to the nearest Pizza Hut and grab their latest dish. 

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