National Dessert Day

The 14th Of October Is Recognized As National Dessert Day!

October 14 is recognized as National Dessert Day across the country. A day dedicated to the sweetest dishes that make our life more complete with their sugary fairy tales. A day commemorated for all the favorite sweet dishes we crave after the meal.

There is no wrong time to celebrate the significance of desserts considering how precious they are to us. We can throw a dessert party anytime and anywhere we want; But thank all the sugar gods; we have a special day for them.

On National Dessert Day, Here Are Some Interesting Facts

Today you can savor as much sugar as you wanted all this time. Your mommy can’t scold you and your dad can’t make excuses for not giving you money for buying your favorite sweet. So gather your loved ones, family, and friends today and share a toast filled with sugary endings and chocolate fillings, And don’t forget to capture those sweet memories in your camera.

Interesting Facts On Dessert Day

History Of National Dessert Day

The word “Dessert” came from the french word “desservir” which refers to the action of clearing the table. The reason for this is because mainly the desserts are served after the main meal has been cleared. But the history of sweetness and the dishes related to it dates back to ancient times, long before the title came into existence.

For the act of worship, in many ancient civilizations; honey and dried fruits were offered to the god for seeking their blessings. Ancient Greeks used to make a sweet bread-type cake-ish dish called plakous made up of nuts and honey. Also, it is believed that the first form of pie was invented by the Greeks, Greek playwright and philosopher Aristophanes mentioned sweet pastries filled with fruits in his many plays.

The Earliest use of the word dessert can be traced to the 1600s, used in the same period when the concept of serving meals in the courses was prevalent. The French were famous for serving sweet wine after the main course as a refresher long back in the 1600s and it didn’t take so long for the concept of sweet endings after the main course to become a silly thing.

Timeline oF National Dessert Day

  • 1300- The first Use Of Filo Dough

The foundation for all sweet dishes has been known to be prepared with different spices and sweet nuts. They had been served as both appetizers, as well as desserts.

  • 1691- Creme Brulee’s First Recipe Is recorded

The first recorded owner of this sweet dish is a French cook who worked at the palace of Versailles, although Spain and England make claims on the sweet dessert.

  • 17th Century- The First Dessert Cookbook

 It was during this era, a new world plantation lowered the sugar prices and people were in search of all-new delicious recipes for desserts.

  • 1847 – The Arrival Of The First Edible Chocolate Bar

It was the British company J.S fry & Sons that made the first chocolate bar using cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar.

  • 2007- Guinness World Record For Most Expensive Dessert

In 2007, the famous New York Cafe Serendipity 3 earned the Guinness Book Of World Records for the most expensive dessert ever. The dessert was a chocolate ice cream sundae decorated with gold, it cost $25,000!

How To Celebrate National Dessert Day

This day reminds us of our favorite dishes and delicacies and gives us time to indulge in savoring them as well as exploring the new options and available tastes. We can prepare the dish of the day from the endless pastries, cakes, and puddings to serve our loved ones. We can try out new ways of making them, explore new recipes to add to them, and all mouth-watering ways to make them more precious.

Another way to celebrate the day is by watching Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, The movie that first comes into our mind when we think of dessert. Another way to sugar up things is by conducting a bake-off competition to test your baking skills. There are numerous ways to make the special day more precious.

Above all the day is related to food and when anything related to food arises, the noble service of sharing can’t be overlooked. We should share delicious baked recipes with the needy and poor thereby restoring love, fraternity, and humanity. You can sponsor your food to orphanages, foster homes, or daycares and enjoy your effort by watching them savor it.

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