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McDonald’s Adult Meal With Toys Is Selling For A High Price!

Nobody ever says no to tasty mouth-watering foods, and McDonald’s is definitely one of those companies where people don’t regret eating from their outlet.

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast-food firms that emerged in America in the 1940s from California and around the world today. Its outlets provide tasty and best eateries, soft drinks, and beverages.

The McDonald’s Adult Meal Comes With Toys

Unlike any other food outlets, McDonald claimed the spotlight recently after the introduction of toys along with their meals. It’s obvious that others add on little toys for their little customers as a part of satisfying the kids and their marketing purpose.

McDonald’s did the same but they evoked a sense of nostalgia by bringing figures of old cartoons, video games, old McDonald’s mascots, especially from the 80s and 90s, or anything that made today’s young adults’ childhood awesome and they’re definitely after it.

McDonald's Adult Meal With Toys

The idea is supposed to be active for a short period of time. As the clock ticks, the product is waiting for a better time to be sold again and the only way to grab those exclusive toys is by second-hand merchants.

Online selling and second-hand Shopping platforms like eBay were on fire after some people decide to sell the toy as well as put it on auction which led to bids as high as a staggering 300,000 dollars which is absurd when we consider how much it means to them

Having around a 69million customers daily in over one hundred countries around the globe Mc’D has set standards in the fast-food industry and the new adult meal suggests the same. It consists of a Big Mac box and chicken nuggets along with fries’ a drink and a toy. The meal was named ‘The cactus Plant flea market’ as part of a collaboration with a fashion brand founded in 2015.

The meal went popular and requested by the customers so much that the company authorities had to ask not to order more from the store due to the serious production expenditure and other necessities. Despite production by Mc’D benefitted the resellers to be honest on eBay and other methods.

One of them listed them at auction to sell to the highest bidder, not just that they also asked to pay the shipping charges for them as well. There are four figures; Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdy the Early Bird, and most prominently the cactus buddy which is hitting the charts at the moment. The hype over Cactus Buddy is not a secret.

It is merely due to the flex over a fashion brand The Cactus flea market introduced by Cynthia Lu. The company is famous for its styles which are thought of by no one and an aesthetic collection of clothing and other fashion goodies which lets us stand out in a crowd.

This is not the first time McDonald’s has collaborated with artists or famous persons. They have previously gone on hand-in-hand with the famous Korean pop stars BTS and Travis Scott, back in the day they even got the green light from one of the greatest Basketball legends Michael Jordan and so on.

Regardless of the company’s ups and downs as well as the fierce competition in the market over other fast-food restaurants and beverages franchises, McDonald’s has found huge success over their happy meal and especially the adult meal released a few weeks ago.

The toys and their price tags by the resellers once again the materialism and their urge to save something from their past memories’ by collecting the toys. The company has moved on and as the sources and updates suggest they’re not planning to produce more of the adult meal boxes rather they’re planning something new for the upcoming occasions and definitely that would reflect their standards and the reason behind their success as everyone expects

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