Layered Chocolate Mousse Pie – Garniche Pie

Layered chocolate mousse pie… The name is a bit sophisticated, but not the preparation. The French look confusing and we may naturally think it involves great processes behind the preparation and it is not my cup of tea.

Layered Chocolate Mousse Pie- Recipe

You are ready and well-equipped to make Layered chocolate mousse pie if you have a microwave, a hand beater, and a spatula (preferably rubber) you can do it within a few minutes. Layered chocolate mousse pie is everyone’s favorite as they are good looking, delicious, and simple.

You don’t want to spend your whole day making them. It can be a wonderful Sunday dessert. The attractive side of the preparation is doesn’t need baking. Also, you didn’t want to run through the grocery stores for collecting the ingredients. Al, the necessary ingredients are easily available.

Layered Chocolate Mousse Pie – Garniche Pie

 Mosses are an area where you can try all your creativity. When it comes to garnishing or topping you can try different ingredients.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Chilling 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 20 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine French
Servings 6
Calories 402 kcal


  • 2 Medium Bowls
  • 1 Beater
  • 1 Piping Bag
  • 1 Whisk attatchment
  • 1 Glass serving dish


  • 5 oz Dark chocolate baking chips
  • 1 ¾ cup  Heavy, cold whipping cream
  • ½ teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • ¾ cup  Caramel Chocolate Mousse


  • First of all, we should make Dark Chocolate Mousse and set it aside.
  • Take melted and cooled dark chocolate chips in a medium bowl and keep them aside. 
  • Add 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and salt to a bowl. 
  • Whisk the mix until you can see soft peaks. 
  • Gently add the whipped cream that is folded into melted dark chocolate. See that you are not over-mixing it. 
  • Shift the mixture into a large plastic bag or piping bag. 
  • Get the serving glass dishes ready. 
  • Now pour a 4 oz. of the mix kept in the piping bag to the bottom of each serving bowl. 
  • Cover the serving dishes with a plastic wrapper. Refrigerate the dishes until it is chilled. 
  • Now, we are going to make chocolate mousse layers. 
  • Keep melted and chilled or cooled caramel chocolate mousse in a medium bowl and keep it aside. 
  • Now get the whipping cream ready for piping to the serving dish.
  • See that fine peaks are formed in the whipping cream. 
  • Now add the whipping cream into the serving dish using another piping bag.
  • Repeat according to your need. You can make it multi-layered or double-layered. 
  • Your mousse is ready. 
  • Refrigerate them at least two hours. 
  • Keep them in the refrigerator until you serve. 
  • You can choose your own garnish. It can be sweetened whipping cream or additional leftover chocolate chips. 
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Serving And Storage Suggestions 

  • Always choose good-looking dishes to serve or prepare your mousse. It adds to the delicacy. You can choose juice glasses, martini glasses, or even an ice cream bowl to serve. See that your dishes are transparent. 
  • A minimum of two hours is needed for chilling. 
  • Always serve cold mousses. 
  • Leftover mousses can be kept in the refrigerator for one weak. See that the dish is covered tightly with a plastic wrapper. 
  • If frozen, your layered mousses are safe in the refrigerator for one month. 

Tips For You

Here are a few tips that help you make your mousse perfect. 

  • The consistency of the whipping cream is very important. Your most may go firm or watery if the consistency of whipping cream is not proper. 
  • Over whipped cream can make your mousse grainy too. 
  • Always use good quality ingredients. It is good to choose the market toppers. 
  • Prepare well before making the layered mousses to avoid a mess.
  • Make sure that the whipped cream is nicely folded using a spatula.  The cooling time is very important to get the desired constancy. See that you are allowing the mix to get chilled for a time period of fewer than two hours. Overnight chilling may make it perfect. 

 Mosses are an area where you can try all your creativity. When it comes to garnishing or topping you can try different ingredients. The experimentation can be done with the layering of your mousses too. 

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