International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day – Significance, History, And More!

No doubt, coffee is one of the favorite beverages of a million people around the world. Lots of people cannot start their daily routine without a hot cup of coffee. Just because of too much love and addiction towards coffee, one special day has been dedicated to celebrating this favorite beverage. It is known as International Coffee Day which is celebrated on 1st October every year around the globe to promote this beverage.

People get aware of the benefits of coffee for their health on this day. The workers work unstoppably to give you a hot cup of coffee every morning, and it takes a lot of effort. On International Coffee Day, the efforts, as well as the hard work of all of these workers and people who are connected with the coffee business, are also recognized.

History of International coffee day

All Japan Coffee groups have been promoted an event related to coffee in the year of 1983. In the USA, the term ‘National Coffee Day’ was firstly declared publicly in the year 2005 but according to the studies, the exact origin of this day is still unknown.

History of International coffee day

First of all, International Coffee Day was celebrated on October 1, 2015.

One day has been dedicated to all coffee lovers from the side of The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) in the year 2014, but the first official Coffee Day was celebrated in 2015 in Milan city which is situated in Italy. Although, various countries celebrate their national coffee days on different dates.

How to Celebrate International Coffee Day

It does not matter how you take your cup of joe, but here are some tips through which you can celebrate this day with your colleagues:

  • You can organize a coffee-themed day in your office and enjoy coffee or coffee-flavored food along with beverages like coffee cake, coffee-crusted steak, etc.
  • You can enjoy a free (or cheap) cup of coffee in your office or you can go to coffee shops because lots of coffee chains offer a free cup of coffee on International as well as National Coffee Day.
  • You can try a new method for making a coffee that you have never tried before.
  • You can bring a coffee expert to your office to teach you as well as your co-workers about the art of growing and brewing coffee during the time of lunch break.
  • You can put the small bags of beans on the desk of each employee.
  • You can bring in the latest coffee brewing system for your office and hold an inauguration party on International Coffee Day.

When Is National Coffee Day Celebrated? 

The National Coffee is generally celebrated on 29th September every year in the countries like America, Canada, Russia, etc. It has been proven from the research of the National Coffee Association (NCA) around 60% of Americans choose coffee in their daily routine life. From their houses as well as offices to trips and unplanned outings, Americans prefer coffee everywhere.

Health benefits of coffee

  • It has been clinically proven from the surveys that caffeine can overcome the risk of Parkinson’s Disease by 30%.
  • Coffee can produce more dopamine in the brain cells, which can be beneficial for concentration levels.
  • According to the research, coffee contains healthy proportions, so it can reduce the possibility of strokes as well as other heart-related problems.
  • Coffee contains a set of antioxidants that can support the prevention of numerous diseases.
  • A cup of coffee is healthy for your immune system and it can boost your metabolism as well as make your body and mind energetic.

What Starbucks offers specials on coffee day?

A series of week-long events has been launched by Starbucks to celebrate International Coffee Day and its other discounts and offers can get any coffee lover super excited. you can go to any Starbucks outlet and can taste the seven various types of international whole bean coffee that are a section of their ‘Travel the World in Seven Sips’ offer.

The customers can taste the coffee from 2nd October to 5th October, and the timing will be from 10 to 12 pm, and from 4 to 6 pm every day you can also join their masterclasses to learn about the art and science of various types of coffee. One more amazing offer provided by Starbucks is that you can get any short/tall Starbucks beverage for a flat rate of INR 100.

Are there any other coffee brands giving offers on Coffee Day?

On this day, so many coffee outlets offer free or discounted cups of coffee. Some companies share their coupons as well as special deals with their loyal customer through social media.

If you’re also a coffee lover then International Coffee Day is the best day to express your love for this beverage. Different outlets are providing huge freebies and discounts on coffee.


On this special day, DD Perks members can get a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase of the beverage.

La Mill

For both International as well as National Coffee Days, the LA-Mill is offering around 15% off all coffees and teas through Oct. 1.

La Madeleine

La Madeleine is giving a free regular or large drip of coffee to their customers as well as to any guest visited by the restaurant or orders online via the app on Sept. 29.


Hot or iced coffee for just $1 from McDonald’s on this special day.

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