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It’s Time To Try Culver’s New Cheese Curd Burger!

Everyone loves a delicious cheeseburger! But Culver’s has taken their customers’ favourite food to a new level with the Cheese Curd Burger. So, what is it and why is it winning everyone’s hearts?

Culver’s combined two of the menu favourites – Wisconsin Cheese Curds and Culver’s Deluxe. This resulted in a delectable cheesy sandwich! It is a Deluxe ButterBurger with a golden fried topping. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, no

Burger With Cheese Curds At Culver’s

Initially, the burger was released on April Fool’s Day. Just like every restaurant is doing nowadays, Culver’s released a teaser unicorn food item on its menu to create a social media buzz. This imaginary burger resulted in a great response and everyone got excited to try this new thing.

Culver's Cheese Curd Burger

Unfortunately, the food joint decided to bring the cheese curd burger for a single day, i.e., October 15, on National Cheese Curd Day. That day, customers came rushing to get their hands on this card creation. They waited in long lines and within hours, everything was sold out! Culver’s sold 136,000 cheese curd burgers that day!

This greasy goodness was hyped so much that a few customers sold off their burgers online to earn some profit.

Due to the limited one-day supply, many consumers couldn’t try the burger, and Culver’s wanted to do something about it. The burger will be priced at $7.59 approximately and the exact cost will vary according to the store location.

Now the burger is making a comeback for a short time! It will be available on October 15 and the cheese curd burger lovers would have to wait a little longer than before. It is the National Cheese Curd Day.

The burgers will stay on the menu till the end of October. Although they have a restricted supply. So, stay alert and rush to the stores before the stock ends!

So, what Makes This Burger So Special?

One thing that sets this burger apart from others is the delicious golden fried cheese topping. This cheesy layer is made from white and yellow cheddar cheese curds and is layered with breadcrumbs. But the beauty of this burger doesn’t stop at that. The way it came from fiction to life is a memorable story.

If we look at it from the flavour angle, this cheese-curd burger has evolved from the classic ButterBurger at Culvers. It comes together with a blend of spices and herbs, a textual fried crown addition, and an amazing visual dynamic.

Cheese Curd Burger Speciality

One of the customers explained how this burger makes you feel. As soon as you take the first bite, there’s cheese and then there’s a time when every flavour simply pops. The cheese even starts dripping from your thumb and that’s a good thing for most customers!

This mythical burger was surrounded by so much enthusiasm that the guests started demanding to put it be on the menu. There was even a petition going on at so that the culvers let the customers try out this unique food. It then became obvious to the brand that they had to launch the burger!

Exclusive Opportunity!

Now, you all would love to try this amazing burger but there’s more in store for you. Anyone who purchases the CurderBurger will have a chance to win a limited edition CurgerBurder T-shirt. This is a social promotion so if you want to become that lucky winner, you have to simply upload an image of the burger or your receipt on

The contest will run from October 12 to 25. So, don’t miss out on a chance this win their merchandise!

A Little About The CurderBurger Brand

Culver’s was introduced 35 years ago and since then, it has been serving yummy food made from farm-fresh ingredients. Their motto is to serve cooked-to-order food with a smile on their faces. The brand has been expanding ever since and currently owns over 880 restaurants in 25 states.

Its signature food items include a ButterBurger (the inspiration behind the Cheese Curd Burger). This one is made from never-frozen beef and frozen custard. If you’d like to purchase this delicious burger, simply visit the store on National Cheese Curd Day. Don’t forget to enter the contest!

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