Chocolate Steel Cut Oats


Nothing much beats a bowl full of chocolate first thing in the morning.  Actually…
Correction:  Nothing much beats a bowl full of chocolate that actually keeps you satisfied until lunch.
Cupcakes, cookies and candy bars may taste mighty fine at first, but if you’re anything like me, you’re tummy will be rumbling my 10 am.  And that sure ain’t fun.
You know what would be a much better choice?  Yeah, you guessed it, a bowl of this Chocolate Steel Cut Oatmeal.
Oh, it’s chocolatey all right.  Reallllllyyyy chocolatey.  And thick.  And rich.  And I-can’t-believe-this-is-actually-a-filling-breakfast delicious.
Basically everything you want in a chocolate breakfast, but know you shouldn’t have.  Except for the part where you can actually have it.  That’s what makes this oatmeal so great.
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I recommend making this on the weekend (especially if you don’t use quick cooking oats) and then saving it in the fridge for a quick breakfast in the mornings.  You can layer it with yogurt, top normal oatmeal with it, or fix yourself a big ol’ bowl.  I think it’s great warm or cold, which means if you’re in a huge rush you can just throw it into a container straight from the fridge!Believe me, it is much better than a candy bar!

You know you want some!

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